Kids Listen University is a resource for teachers who would like to incorporate high quality kids' podcasts into their lesson plans.

In this age of remote learning, we are offering lessons that are not screen-based. Kids have to spend so much time staring at screens, we wanted to provide some alternatives that let their eyes rest and their minds create the imagery. Podcasts are portable allowing for a mix of listening, learning and exercise. Studies also show podcasts enable students to understand and engage with ideas two to three grade-levels higher than their reading level would normally allow.

How does it work?

We have curated a handful of lessons in this prototype, linking them (loosely) to grade level, and also to topic. Each lesson lists (or will list soon) the Common Core standards that the lesson targets, and walks through the activities of the lesson.

Each lesson also has an embedded player so you can play directly from this page. If you prefer to share the player link and copy/paste excerpts of the lesson, that's totally fine, just click on the link at the top of the embedded player and paste the destination it takes you to into your Google Classroom (or wherever you share your lessons plans witht your studends).

What does it cost?

Right now, as we pilot the concept, it's free for everybody.

Have questions or comments?

Please email us at kidslisten@pastimeapp.com