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In today's podcast episode, featuring Karan Kendrick, we finally reach Loofah's home planet! Plus, 5-year-old Nathaniel's "The Strawberry Band" tells the story of a Beatles-esque rock band on a farm, and angel pigs can fly in a story by 8-year-old Olive!  Today's Activity Guide features examples of popular idioms like ‘when pigs fly’ and ‘raining cats and dogs,’ and instructions to help creators draw or write their own!

What's this activity about?

Use figures of speech, or "idioms" to help you come up with ideas for

What stuff do I need to do it?

Paper and something to write with

"It will happen when pigs fly." That's a figure of speech (also called an "idiom") which usually means that something will never happen--because pigs will never fly! But that didn't stop Olive, a kid from Massachusetts, from wondering what would happen is pigs really could fly, and writing a story about it.

We started to wonder...are there some more idioms that kids could use as inpiration for stories? Take a look at the following examples, and pick one that inspires you to write a story, or draw a picture!

"A little bird told me". This is something you say when someone asks you "how did you know that??" and you don't want to tell them. But what if there really was a little bird flying around telling a bunch of secrets? What would happen?

"It's raining cats and dogs." This just means "it's raining really hard." But what if cats and dogs really did start falling out of the sky? What would happen next?

"A bull in a china shop." This describes someone who is being clumsy. But what would happen if a bull, or another huge animal, really did go inside a store full of fragile things that were easy to break?

"It happens once in a blue moon." This means something that almost never happens. But what if the moon actually did turn blue?? What would have caused it? What would people do?

Or pick your own favorite idiom of figure of speech!

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