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In The Good Eggs, Ms. Poach shows her appreciation for the great job the Eggs did in the play last month by presenting them with a small crystal heart. With Valentine’s Day coming up, the Eggs in turn decide they want to do something nice for Ms. Poach. Peggy, already down about her situation at home, realizes she has lost the crystal heart Ms. Poach had given to her. It meant so much to Peggy – knowing that Ms. Poach loved her. It turns out that Benedict found Peggy’s crystal heart by the swing set, but he doesn’t want to give it back. The Eggs needed to convince Benedict that it was the right and loving thing to do.

Benedict must have really given some thought to the Eggs’ advice, because after he tripped and broke Peggy’s crystal heart, he decided to give her his own crystal heart. He told the Eggs he gave Peggy the crystal heart because they told him that “love works best when it is given away.” Peggy heeded the advice, too, because she decided she was going to give the crystal heart to her parents since they were having a hard time and needed some love.

The Lesson:

Love works best when it is given away. Love is always the right thing to do.

What’s this activity about?

Love can mean many things, but it works best when it is for the benefit of others.

What supplies do I need?

Construction, markers, stickers for cards

Ms. Poach gave the Eggs a crystal heart to show her love for them. In return, the Eggs wanted to show Ms. Poach they loved her, too. They decided to make her a huge Valentine’s card.

Have your students make cards for someone they love. It can be made from construction paper and decorated to their liking. Tell them to hand deliver their card with a hug. After, discuss with the students the reactions of their card recipients.

Benedict did not understand real love. He thought it was just “mushy stuff.” The Eggs helped him to realize that loving someone can mean many things, especially doing something nice for them. Benedict decided to do something nice for Peggy and give her back her crystal heart.

Challenge your students to do something nice for someone, either at school or at home – a random act of kindness! Tell them to write about what they did – just one or two sentences – and discuss in class. Even a small act of kindness is an act of love. Remember, “Love works best when it is given away.”

Benedict also did not understand when Seggourney told him “You don’t have to like someone in order to love them.”

This will be a difficult task for your students. Challenge your students to do something nice for someone they don’t like so much. It can be something small like sharing a piece of paper, opening a door, picking up a book, sharing lunch, etc. This is the greatest act of love – to show kindness and dignity to someone they don’t really care for. It is a hard lesson but one that would be well appreciated by all, and one that will, hopefully, make a lasting impression on how to treat others.


We have all heard the phrase “love is the answer.” There has probably been more than one song written to attest to this truth. If love is the answer, what is the question? The question is, “What is life?” Love is the answer to life. What is the purpose of life? - to love! Love is the best response in all situations of life. Love wins every time. These may all sound like greeting card clichés to some people, but every single one of them speaks truth. If we take the meaning and expression of love seriously, it can never be denied, it can never be forsaken, and it can never be absent. As the Eggs say, “Love works best when it is given away.”

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