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Speaking and Listening: Comprehension and Collaboration


In Chapter 7, once again, Benedict causes some controversy. He can’t accept the fact that there are girls on the school baseball team and that Coach Flo is female. He makes the decision that he doesn’t want to play on a team with girls, but he soon realizes that he misses playing baseball. He goes to Coach Flo and pretends like he will be more accepting even though he has ulterior motives that include trying to tell Coach Flo to not play the girls, and even plans on telling Coach Flo ways in which she can coach better. Benedict finally gets into a game after Greggory gets hurt, but he ends up missing a few ground balls. Luckily, Seggourney helped complete both plays fumbled by Benedict. In the end, the Eggs won the big game. Benedict realizes he was wrong and this time sincerely apologizes for not being more accepting of the girls on the team. Reggie puts everything into perspective when he says, “If we accept all people, together we can make great things happen.”

The Lesson:

When we accept others, together we can make great things happen.

What’s this activity about?

Learning from others can help us open our minds and work together.

What supplies do I need?

Black/white board with chalk or markers

Benedict refused to play baseball because there were girls on the team and because Coach Flo was a girl.

Make two lists on the board – Girl and Boy. Ask the class what characteristics they feel should be placed under the heading. Most will say things like “athletic” or “strong” for boys and “sensitive” or “good cooks” for girls. After generating the lists, challenge the class with a new perspective. Can girls be “athletic” or “strong?” Can boys be “sensitive” or “good cooks?” and so on. Give real life examples such as famous female athletes or famous male chefs. Stress that placing stereotypes on people limits our ability to fully see them for who they are or who they can be. Keep an open mind and never limit your potential or the potential of others based on stereotypes.

Benedict came to realize that Coach Flo and the Eggs were right. As Reggie pointed out, accepting all people can make great things happen.

What would the world be like if we all accepted each other equally and sexism, racism, and classism disappeared? Great things would happen! Ask students to pick a partner and assign each pair a country from around the world. Their challenge is to learn about one cultural tradition (music, food, ceremonies,

etc.) in their assigned country and report on it to the rest of the class. Learning about others helps to alleviate fears and helps us to relate to and understand each other on a deeper level.

Peggy was relieved when she talked with her parents and accepted her new situation at home. Talking things over is a huge help when life changes. The Eggs supported Peggy in her acceptance and offered continued support for the future.

Ask the students for suggestions or phrases they can use to help support a friend through a difficult time. Make a list on the board as they are offering suggestions. Have the students copy the list into their notebooks so they can refer to it if they are ever in a situation where they need to help someone find acceptance.


One of the best ways to model acceptance for gender, race, and people of all diverse backgrounds is by talking about it with our students. The forces against “real” acceptance are mighty, but not unstoppable. We have the power to change the lens through which our students see the world. We have the power to teach them that demeaning women or any people at all is absolutely wrong and nowhere near “real” acceptance. We have the power to influence our students away from the destructive ways of intolerance. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our students become the generation to reverse all the “isms” of society and all people become accepted?

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