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Speaking and Listening: Comprehension and Collaboration


In Chapter 8, respect for the environment is the issue. Benedict lacks respect early on in the chapter when he throws his candy wrapper on the ground and says the wind will take care of it. Ms. Poach reminds the Eggs that it is important to respect people, property, all living things, and the planet. She then assigns a special project for Earth Day. Benedict decides he doesn’t want to work in a group, so he does his project alone. Things don’t turn out so well with Benedict’s project. He has to learn a tough lesson about the harm littering can do not only to the environment, but also to others, and this time his dog Scrambler. In the end, Benedict realizes the importance of respect. Once again, Benedict learns from his mistakes and from the help of his friends, The Good Eggs.

The Lesson:

We must all do our part to make respect a reality in the world.

What’s this activity about?

Empower your students to take initiative in respecting the earth.

What supplies do I need?

Poster board, markers Garbage bags, plastic gloves

Ms. Poach gave the Eggs an assignment that respected the Earth. She suggested they work in groups to come up with ideas.

Have students make posters to raise awareness of the importance of treating the Earth and its creatures with respect. Let them work in groups of 4 or 5 to create posters in varying categories (recycling, clean water, park clean-up, animal rescue, etc.). Hang the posters in your classroom or throughout the school for all to see!

Benedict had a bad habit of throwing litter on the ground. He thought he was doing a good thing with his project by throwing all of his litter in one place to make one big pile. However, he realized that was not a good idea when his dog, Scrambler, began to choke on his candy wrappers.

Have a poetry contest! Ask the students to write a short poem about the importance of respecting the earth and its creatures. They may even want to rap about it! Have them work and present in groups and vote on the class favorite!

After Greggory pulled the candy wrapper from Scrambler’s throat, Benedict realized the error of his ways and knew he had to keep the earth clean because it affects all of its inhabitants. The Eggs helped Benedict clean up his garbage pile.

If possible, take your class outside around the school grounds and pick up any litter that is found and throw it away or recycle it. This will help the students to realize litter can be very harmful to the environment and to be part of the solution to lead by example.


Respect is often something we expect, but may not always give. Sometimes you hear people say that “respect needs to be earned.” Is that true? Do people only deserve respect by proving they deserve it, or is it something inherent? Property, other living things, and the planet can’t earn our respect, but we know we should still respect them. We need to come to the realization that we are all in this together and that not one of us is any better or greater than another. I don’t have to like somebody’s actions, but I should still respect her or him as a human being. I don’t have to like or approve of something someone has said or something they stand for, but I must realize that I still must respect the human being. As Seggourney said, “We must all do our part.” The more we show respect, the more it will influence others to do the same. We have the ability to teach our students the power and importance of respect for property, living things, the planet, but especially for others. Not because they earn it, but because they deserve it!

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