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Speaking and Listening: Comprehension and Collaboration


In Chapter 9, Coach Flo introduces the virtue of responsibility after the Eggs win a big baseball game. She tells them they won because everybody did their jobs at their assigned positions โ€“ they acted responsibly. Back at school Benedict volunteers to take on the responsibility of taking care of a small garden patch next to the playground. Unfortunately, Benedict got too focused on the upcoming game and forgot to water the flowers for which he was responsible. The Eggs were disappointed in Benedict because they planned on cutting some of the flowers to make a bouquet for Ms. Poach. Benedict once again learned his lesson and took it upon himself to be more responsible and to make things right. Ms. Poach got her bouquet of flowers from the Eggs and new flowers were planted in the garden patch at school. The Eggs played well in the championship game and, once again, Coach Flo reminded them about the importance of teamwork and everybody being responsible for their positions. After the game, Benedict thanked Coach Flo for the valuable lesson on responsibility and he even gave her a surprise gift!

The Lesson:

If we focus our attention on doing the next right thing, we will always act responsibly.

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Whatโ€™s this activity about?

Helping students to feel proud when they exhibit responsibility.

What supplies do I need?

Paper strips, stapler, responsibility of chores chart

Benedict wanted to take on the responsibility of watering the flower garden so he could learn to stay focused and be ready for the big game. At first, he watered the flowers diligently, but as time went on, he became preoccupied with the game and forgot about the flower garden.

Discuss with the class โ€“ have they ever done the same thing? Perhaps they got a new puppy, and at first, took very good care of it. As time went on, did they lose interest, or did taking care of the puppy become a chore? Ask the students to brainstorm how they can look at their responsibilities differently without dreading them.

After the flower garden wilted, Benedict felt terrible and knew he had to come up with a plan to correct the situation. He took responsibility for what happened and went to Coach Flo for some help. He also realized that asking for help was part of being responsible.

Make a classroom โ€œresponsibility chain.โ€ Give each student a strip of construction paper. Have them write something they are responsible for at home, school, in their family, for themselves, etc. Staple the strips together to make a chain and hang it in the classroom to help them feel proud of the way they practice the admirable virtue of responsibility.

The Eggs were ecstatic because they won the championship game. They all acted responsibly with their team positions to become the champs!

Have your class be champions, too! Assign classroom responsibilities like erasing the board, pushing in chairs, straightening books, or anything else you like. Set up a chart with a rotation so each student has some responsibility at some time. Be sure to thank them for their diligence!


The more we help our students make responsible decisions, the more they will automatically act responsibly. The habit of responsibility will eventually become who they are. The more we help them focus on doing โ€œthe next right thing,โ€ the less they will even consider something that is not right. It will become their response to their ability to be who they are truly meant to be โ€“ responsible human beings. Keeping the tasks fun and entertaining will help to keep them on track!

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