Grade Levels:

Speaking and Listening: Comprehension and Collaboration

Discussion Prompts

  1. The episode description calls Atabey an “incorporeal entity.” Did you know what this phrase meant before the episode? If not, what context clues did you hear in the episode that helped you understand about Atabey’s existence?
  2. As Atabey explains, ‘The timestorm automatically translates any language you don’t know to what you’re used to hearing and speaking.’ For the twins, that means Spanglish - or as Beni says: ‘Spanish words pop up here and there. Like at home.’ What language or languages would you hear if you were in the timestorm? What’s the role that language plays in the twins’ everyday life?
  3. At the end of this episode, the twins are told they’re ready for their first quest. They’re excited, nervous, and unsure about what to expect. Think of an experience where you felt the same way. How did you respond at that moment?

Fiction & Facts


Atabey (goddess):

Roberto Clemente:

MLB - NYM@PIT: Clemente gets his 3,000th career hit: