Grade Levels:

Speaking and Listening: Comprehension and Collaboration

Discussion Prompts

  1. Alexa and Beni are feeling the effects of time-travel on their everyday lives - being tired during the day, forgetting about schoolwork, and keeping secrets from their parents and friends. At one point, Alexa says things are “getting out of control” and she wants to set a schedule for their quests. When Beni points out that time-travel doesn’t work that way, Alexa decides she’ll knit to deal with her anxiety. What situations have you found yourself in where you’ve lacked control? What is something you have done or could do to cope under these circumstances?
  2. The Venturas and many of their neighbors have loved ones living in Puerto Rico who have been affected by Hurricane Maria, and they are eager to contribute to the library’s donation drive led by Clara and Betina. What is a cause where you have lent a hand? Can you think of ways to help for this cause at different levels: locally, statewide, nationally, globally?
  3. Many students laugh at Thad when he drops his money in the school hallway, but one person hands him back his stack of dollar bills. Were you surprised this character returned the money? Why or why not?

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