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Discussion Prompts

  1. The theme song sets the tone for the entire series. What predictions can you make about the show’s storyline based on the music and lyrics of the theme song?
  2. Alexa and Beni have very different reactions to Horacio’s invitation to help with the mission. Whose response can you relate to better? Why?
  3. There are many ways to experience stories such as television, movies, online, live theatre, and books. What is unique to experiencing a story through audio only?

Fiction & Facts

Additional Resources
Timestorm Listening Resources:

Knowing Newark: Charles Cumming (Star-Ledger Columns/Newark Public Library):

Newark Public Library Latino Oral History Collection:

Newark History Society:

Rise Up Newark:

History of Newark, New Jersey Wikipedia:

The Puerto Rican Experience In The U.S. Military: A Century Of Unheralded Service: (Dr. Franqui-Rivera):

65th Infantry Regiment (Borinqueneers):