Grade Levels:

Speaking and Listening: Comprehension and Collaboration

Discussion Prompts

  1. The character of Peña y Ruiz has a distinctive laugh that Beni says: “Sounded like a demon.” How would you describe this character’s laughter? What other types of non-verbal (not spoken) communication could a voice actor use to help the audience understand the character’s personality?
  2. Alexa feels torn between helping Celestina fight for her students’ rights and following the rules about time travel as told by Atabey: “Your quests are designed so that you won't alter the course of history.” What would you have done in Alexa and Beni’s position? Think of a time you felt torn about a decision you had to make. What helped you decide?
  3. Atabey warns: “Retrieving the artifacts only causes a tiny energy wave in spacetime” and if the twins’ “actions changed anything […] an alternate history would spinoff from that point.” What alternate history do you think might have been created if the twins didn’t return with the artifact?

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Puerto Rico y Yo!:

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